1 Hour Consulting Service


Use this to purchase consulting help with KZ Technology Consulting, whether it is via email, phone, both, or some other method. Select the amount of consulting hours needed as the quantity.



KZ Technology consulting has reached over 1.2 million people with his videos on YouTube. The most questions (we are talking dozens per week) arise from the 2018 Smart Home video, and the Monoprice Whole Home Audio video. This consulting service is not limited to questions only about those topics. Consulting can be done via email, phone, Skype, you name it.

Topics can be anything from:
[+] Website help
[+] Hosting help
[+] Smart home wiring questions
[+] Whole home audio
[+] Networking questions
[+] Other business IT solutions
[+] Much more

If you are unsure if I can help you with this service, please email/contact me first