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The "KZ" in KZ Technology Consulting!

Kadin Zimmerman

I am a graduate of Kansas State University with a degree in computer engineering and a minor in computer science. I chose computer engineering because throughout high school, I loved working with my hands, tearing computers apart, and learning networking concepts. I didn’t know how diverse this field of study was, so I chose the only one that I had really heard about, which was computer engineering. Throughout high school, I was hired by people and businesses to help with their technology needs.

I do consulting work on the side for fun, and work full time for Koch Supply and Trading as a Software Developer, and have been with them since 2015. Koch Supply and Trading is a subsidiary company of Koch Industries, which is the second largest private company in the world. Headquartered in Wichita, KS, Koch Supply and Trading is a global commodities trading company dealing primarily with crude oil, natural gas, ethanol, petroleum, and metals. I had the opportunity to intern three times with Koch Supply and Trading, and enjoyed the real world work that I was involved in. This is one reason that I chose to become a full time employee. Because they are a global company, I work with co-workers in London, Geneva, Singapore, and the Philippians on a regular basis. This allows me to constantly work on my communication skills.

One of the aspects that my degree has prepared me for, is how to analytically think and process through problems. As an engineer, we face problems on a daily basis, and seeing them through to completion is key. Although the theories of math and physics have not been my strongest qualities during my degree, it has given me the necessary background to know how things work, what to be aware of, and how to solve problems. A strong skill of mine is my work ethic. I never stop until the job is done, and will do it as fast and efficient as I can, while still doing quality work.

Looking forward, I am excited to further my industry experience and work my way up to various positions. My degree at Kansas State University has helped give me tremendous work ethic and team building experience, however it is still vastly different than the real work force. I look forward to what the future has in store for me.

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