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Straight forward pricing - Nothing to hide

Many other companies don’t publicly show or want you to see this information!

Hosting Packages

Standard Rate

$ 50

Per HourMost work is classified under the standard hourly rate. Work includes, but is not limited to: website services, network wiring/design, VOIP, wireless bridging, VPN, security camera installs, software setup, custom app development, business email setup through Google G Suite or Microsoft Office 365 email, and more. Contact me to discuss your specific IT need.

Shared HostingMost Popular

Starting At $ 160

Per YEAR w/ SSL!Hosting will be on AWS infrastructure & managed by KZTC. Base $160 per year INCLUDES an SSL certificate! Does not include C-Panel access. If C-Panel access is needed, cost will be slightly more. Most customers do not need C-Panel access, but every project and customer varies.

KZTC shared hosting is different from any other shared hosting provider, because the entire AWS server only holds websites of other clients websites that KZTC manages.

VPS Hosting

Starting At $ 280

Per YEAR w/ SSL!VPS hosting with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and managed by KZ Technology Consulting. Price INCLUDES an SSL certificate! AWS is one of the most reliable and robust platforms in the world. Other VPS providers can be used, just ask if you have a preference.

Other Hosting

$ Ask

-Shared and VPS hosting are two of the most popular types of hosting. For most people, these 2 types are really all that is needed. However, I can do other types of hosting as needed, from managed cloud hosting to dedicated server, and managed WordPress hosting. Inquire to explain your situation and needs, so I can provide more information and quotes. If you need a high availability website with 1 centralized database and robust load balancing across multiple servers, I can do that as well.

Support/Maintenance Packages

I can tailor separate yearly support and maintenance packages on a per client basis, depending on your level of involvement needed. Below are common packages.

Hands Off

$ 0

-Once the website is completed and turned over, you do all of the updates, maintenance, backups, restores, etc yourself. If something goes wrong and you need help restoring or fixing, it can be done under the hourly rate. An estimate will be presented to you.

Basic Support/Maintenance

$ 20

Per MONTHBasic support is only $20 per month. Basic support only includes website updates, backups, and questions after the website is completed. Any new work or changes to the website must be completed by you. Additional work needed under this package would fall under the hourly rate. An estimate can be provided to you. You can cancel support at any time by logging in and cancelling it yourself. Please note that if backups are stopped, the backup software license can be revoked. Click here to sign up for this package!

Mid Level Support/MaintenanceMost Popular

$ 40

Per MONTHThe mid level support and maintenance is only $40 per month. This includes all updates, backups, restores, questions and more personal training on how to change or accomplish things on your website. Minor changes can be done by KZTC and can also train how to make these minor changes. You can cancel support at any time by logging in and cancelling it yourself. Please note that if backups are stopped, the backup software license can be revoked. Click here to sign up for this package!

Advanced Support/Maintenance

$ 60

Per MONTHAdvanced support and maintenance is $60 per month. This includes everything stated in the previous support levels, including ongoing work and as many website changes needed. You can cancel support at any time by logging in and cancelling it yourself. Please note that if backups are stopped, the backup software license can be revoked. Click here to sign up for this package!

Common Questions

Why do your website rates seem so cheap?

Good question. The truth is, since I do consulting work on the side, I can set my rates lower since I do not solely depend on this income.

However…that isn’t the entire picture. Some companies who produce basic websites using the same technology that I am using, start their base pricing around $10,000 and can go upwards of $30,000+! Crazy! Some companies even charge based  on the amount of pages you want on your website.

Not me. I am a firm believer of not price gouging for the same exact open source technologies.

So how much does a website normally cost?

When I do website work, I will present a contract up front with the total that I will charge. Barring any major new changes that you throw into the mix, that quote will not change.

I charge by the hour ($50) and most normal websites seem to take around 40 hours. Depending on your specific need, it might be less, or it might be more, but a general starting rule is about 40 hours. Contact me to discuss your needs, and I can provide a detailed break down.

How do I know if I will be satisfied with your work?

That’s a good question. Choosing someone to build your business’s website is an important decision.

I can create real mock-ups for what I have in mind for your website. You can click around, and see the vision that I am thinking. You can customize whatever you want, or even present your own ideas for what you have in mind.

If you like what I have mocked up, then you can fully commit to KZ Technology Consulting, otherwise there is no obligation. You will get top notch support, and you can also view my previous website work and visit those sites.

Do you host my website or can I host it?

I do not have to host your website, but I would prefer it. This ensures that someone is always keeping it up to date and maintaining the back end. This means you are paying me directly for the yearly hosting and maintenance of it. I use a variety of hosting methods, from shared hosting to robust VPS. I will make sure that you are aware of the differences, and that your website is on the appropriate type of hosting.

However, I am flexible and will work with any requests of my customers to tailor any of my services to your need. 

How do I know which kind of hosting my website would need?

The type of hosting you would need primarily depends on how many visitors you anticipate getting on your website.

For example, if you will have a high traffic eCommerce website or a website selling a high number of event tickets, you would want VPS hosting.

If your website is mainly an informational business website where people go to read about your company or sign up for services, typically shared hosting will be fine.

Shared hosting is cheaper because as the name suggests, you are sharing a slice of a server and it’s compute power with other users. VPS hosting stands for virtual private server, so you are not sharing the server with anyone else, but you get an entire virtual server to yourself (hence the higher cost). Dedicated hosting is where you essentially own the entire physical server (not a virtual server like in VPS) to yourself so this option is even more expensive than VPS.

There are other types of hosting than these 3 I’ve mentioned above, and depending on your need, these other types can be discussed if needed.

What do you do in terms of web security?

That’s a great question, and an important one. I take security seriously, and use several measures to keep sites secure. I use Cloudflare’s CDN to help with basic caching requests and prevent DDoS attacks. I use features which limit the amount of login attempts to prevent brute force attacks on your site, and on top of this, every site that I create gets setup for automated backups. In the rare event something goes wrong, there is a backup waiting to be restored. Backups are stored off site from the web server, so that way they are isolated. Web hosting is done through AWS, which is already the largest and most secure cloud provider in the world. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me to discuss.

Can I see some of your previous work?

My previous work can be seen in my portfolio here. Here you will find everything from websites that I have done for businesses, as well as business networking jobs, security camera installs, custom software development etc.

How long does it take to finish a website?

In my opinion, a website can never be 100% complete! You always want to keep updating and adding new content to your site (news articles, photos, videos etc).

It all depends on how large or small your website job is, but a production ready website can generally be done in about 1 month.

Right now, the lead time to start building a new website is just a few days. If you need one built, I can start ASAP.

If you create my business a website, do I own the website?

Yes absolutely! When the project is completed, the website is all yours even if I am hosting your site. After all, you paid for it!

If you choose to let me host and maintain the website, but after time you change your mind and want to move your website somewhere else, you can do that. (these details are written out in more detail in the contract)

Will you teach me how to manage and make changes to my website when it is complete?

Absolutely! In fact I WANT you to know how to do things yourself, and I will always be here to answer those questions about “how do I achieve this?”. From someone who wants all involvement, to someone who wants nothing to do with managing it, I can fit into your needs.

Don’t get stuck with someone who creates a website and won’t transfer knowledge to you, or who creates one so tightly coupled that only they can manage that nightmare!

Why do you post your rates online when most other tech companies don't?

Every day the tech industry is evolving. In today’s era, millennial’s and others want to get as much information online without dealing with calling or talking to people.

I post my rates and pricing online because I firmly believe in 100% transparency. I have chosen businesses over others before, solely because of the information they provided online was better than the other, and I didn’t have to involve talking to someone. In turn, I hope someone will see my upfront pricing and decide to go with me over others for this same reason.

Do I get an SSL certificate included with hosting?

Yes! Hosting prices include an SSL certificate. SSL certificates provide an extra layer of encryption between the person visiting your site and the web server. It also verifies that the domain by showing a padlock next to the web address, and displays the “https://”.

In my opinion, SSL certificates are a requirement for all domains now days. Google search will rank a website with an SSL certificate higher than a website without one. Plus, any websites taking online payments need an SSL certificate to be compliant.

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