I’ve gotten the opportunity to have Brandon as a client. Brandon is a serial entrepreneur, and has been for over 20 years. He’s an investor and served in management with a Fortune 100 company. He started his professional career as a pioneer on the Internet in 1990’s as the Founder and CEO of Worldwide Angler, Inc. where he built the business plan and led the company from inception through three rounds of financing. Worldwide Angler was recognized as the leading recreational fishing interactive media and e-commerce site on the internet by publications such as USA Today, and for its leading technology by PC Magazine.

Brandon was already teaching many other entrepreneurs through an existing company’s learning website, but he wanted to make it more of his own, so he wanted to create his own learning course website. That’s where I stepped in and helped him build out his vision.

This website has an interactive course, as well as private messaging, note taking, and other great features. It lets him be in control of his courses, and every other aspect of his website.

Check it out for yourself! BrandonCWhite.com

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