This was a fun project for me, because Central Park is where my wife and I bought our first home. The HOA was in dire need of a website to get their information out there to new and prospective homeowners. I created the website for them and host it, but not only did I give them a website for their valuable information, I gave them a full on membership website! They can restrict documents, posts, or pretty much any content to members only.

They process their HOA dues through the websites and they are even fully automated every year. This greatly reduced the amount of  time and money spent on collecting dues, mailing reminders etc. When members sign up, they are automatically added to the emailing list, so they can be notified of important meetings, changes, etc.

In 6 months, KZ Technology Consulting took the HOA from not having any website, to being ranked number 1 on Google when you search for Central Park HOA or Bel Aire Central Park! Talk about results!